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Protecting Your Rights When You Are Injured

There are many different types of accidents you can be involved in that lead to some type of serious injury. When you or a loved one are injured, you will want to make sure you receive the medical treatment you need in order to fully recover from your injuries. Unfortunately, that is not always the case when your claim is handled by the insurance company for the party that was responsible for your accident. Very often these companies want to quickly settle your claim for the minimum amount they think the injury is worth, not taking your particular circumstances into account nor any future medical care you might need. When injured in any type of accident, it is always best to retain your own personal injury attorney, someone who has your interests in mind and will ensure you are compensated for every aspect of your claim, including property damage, medical costs, rental vehicle expenses, lost wages and for the pain and suffering the injury has caused.

At the Malaise Law Firm, our experienced personal injury lawyers have been assisting clients in the Houston area for over 40 years. Our legal team will meet with your personally to discuss your case and recommend your best legal option. Our firm will conduct our own investigation into the facts of your accident to ensure it is well documented when it comes to negotiating a settlement, or taking your case to trial if necessary. We will provide you with individual attention, making sure you understand all the steps to be taken with your claim. Our legal staff cares about you and the outcome of your case and will work hard to obtain the compensation you deserve.

Houston Personal Injury Claims: Practice Areas

When you need reliable and talented attorneys, you have the reputation of the Malaise Law Firm helping you with your personal injury. Our attorneys know exactly what is needed in order to aggressively pursue a claim and have the skills necessary to negotiate your compensation. Our legal team can provide you professional and quality representation in the following areas:

Auto Accident

As a leading cause of accidental injury and death in the U.S., auto accident cases are one of the most important parts of our legal practice. If you or someone you know was injured in a car accident of any kind, an attorney at our Houston law office can talk to you about what occurred and can advise you of how to seek and recover maximum financial compensation for your insurance claim. We can take on cases involving relatively minor auto accidents, such as those that occur in parking lots, as well as high-speed collisions on the highway. Our team recognizes the tremendous impact that a collision may have on a victim from various standpoints. A crash may cause serious physical injuries as well as psychological trauma, and it may leave a victim struggling to make ends meet due to the cost of medical care, medication, medical supplies and living expenses in the face of missed work. Click here to read more about auto accidents.

In addition to representing victims of all kinds of motor vehicle accidents (including motorcycle accidents, trucking accidents, bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, drunk driving accidents and rollover accidents) in and around Houston, we represent injured workers in workplace accident claims, such as those involving construction accidents. We have experience in handling personal injury claims that relate to injuries and accidents on another’s property, such as slip and fall accidents and injuries resulting from security negligence.

With our experience in all kinds of injury claims, we are able to confidently address catastrophic injury claims, whether these injuries were caused by a dog attack, defective drug, medical malpractice or defective product. An attorney at our firm can also help if you have lost a loved one and need assistance with a wrongful death case to hold the negligent party accountable.

Going through an injury following an accident can be traumatic and stressful. The emotional and physical pain most go through during recovery are difficult to face. With the help of the Malaise Law Firm, we hope to be able to alleviate some of the worry and stress by ensuring that we handle all of the details of the claims process while you concentrate on recovery. Our goal is to help you get through the healing process by handling your claim as effectively as possible and obtain the best possible outcome when negotiating compensation for you and your family.