Attorney Handling Defective Drugs in Houston

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There are hundreds of new drugs on the market every year, treating anything from hair loss to impotence. While many of them have been beneficial in helping with diseases and symptoms, others have been extremely dangerous and have resulted in severe side effects and even fatalities. When a drug company puts a product on the market that they say is safe for consumer use but results in injuries and illnesses, they may be held liable for their negligence. Many drug company studies fail to reveal the actual degree and type of severe side effects that can occur when taking their medication. In fact, many of these studies have been found to have been falsified or negative effects hidden from the public. Drugs such as Zyprexa and Yaz have actually caused numerous deaths and left many with serious illnesses as a result of taking them as prescribed.

Some of the serious effects of current popular drugs can include heart attacks, liver damage, kidney failure, high blood pressure, diabetes, and a host of others. Some new drugs cause other serious conditions that the person didn’t suffer from before taking the drug for whatever condition they are currently being treated for.

When the pharmaceutical industry puts their profits over public safety, it is time to take a stand. If you or someone you know has been injured or sickened by taking a prescription drug, contact the personal injury attorneys from the Malaise Law Firm, who can evaluate your situation and advise you as to what your legal options are.

The Malaise Law Firm Fighting For Your Rights

When facing serious injury or illness as a result of a prescription drug you were taking, you will need a competent personal injury lawyer to carefully review the facts of your case and likely have a medical expert review your medical records. Drug companies have powerful lawyers to fight any action against them, so you will need someone willing to stand up for your rights to compensation for your damages. You may be able to get monetary compensation for any medical costs you may have incurred as a result of the drug’s bad effects, in addition to any lost wages if you were unable to work. We will also pursue punitive damages on your behalf, for the pain and suffering caused by the defective drug. Whether we aggressively pursue a settlement through negotiation, or take your case to trial, you can feel confident the Malaise Law Firm will do everything possible to obtain compensation on your behalf.