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Slipping And Tripping

Many of us have taken a tumble at some point during our lives.
When this occurs, we sometimes just pop back up with no
apparent problem, but then there are those times, when we do
sustained injuries. Slip and Fall Accidents can happen anytime
and at anyplace, from personal property to public places.
IF you experience any pain or discomfort, it is important
not to just walk away. Instead, stay on the scene, get
medical help, document the accident through photos
and witnesses if possible, and get yourself a good personal
injury lawyer.

We deserve to understand our legal rights in this matter,
and our attorney helps us through the entire process of
our liability claim, including the deposition. There are many
aspects of the deposition and one part of it entails,
referring back to the place where the accident occurred
When questioned on whether we have returned to the
scene or if it as been inspected by others, we should
remember the “4 W’s” which are Why, When, What
has been done, and by Whom. There are also closing
questions which consist primarily of our own feedback,
non-bias witnesses, pictures, and any documents produced
or reviewed. While there can be lots of probing questions,
it is important to know what to expect and be prepared,
so there will be no surprises.

Though unexpected and even embarrassing sometimes,
slip and fall accidents can be unavoidable. The bottom
line is we not only need to know our rights, but pursue
them as well.

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