Construction Accident Attorney in Houston

Accident Attorney in Houston

A construction accident can occur anywhere there is some type of renovation, building, remodeling or new construction under way. Because of the nature of a construction site, there are often many people working in one location from many different trades, under several different contractors. There are also many deliveries of equipment and supplies constantly going in and out of these construction sites. Most employers are aware they have a duty to provide a safe work environment for their workers and are required to ensure adequate training is given as well as appropriate protective gear being worn. Machinery and equipment should be properly maintained as well. Because proper precautions are not always taken, and with outside vendors also leaving supplies or equipment, accidents that lead to injuries can occur. When this happens, it is crucial to have an experienced personal injury attorney helping you with an injury claim. There could be complex issues of negligence to determine, especially when various contractors could be involved.

Construction accidents can be caused by anything from a fall from scaffolding, to tripping over supplies left haphazardly in a workplace, or electrical shocks and forklift accidents. These accidents can lead to serious injuries that can result in costly medical treatment, disability and lost wages. In order to ensure you obtain all the compensation you are entitled to, contacting the Malaise Law Firm for a free initial consultation to discuss your case is important.

Houston Personal Injury Lawyer Dealing With Claims

The experienced attorneys at the Malaise Law Firm are well versed in dealing with fully investigating and documenting your personal injury claim so as to maximize your compensation. Handling your injury can be difficult to deal with, and trying to also fill out paperwork and attempt to collect benefits on your own can be overwhelming. Allow our dedicated legal team to put together a strong claim on your behalf and aggressively negotiate for recovery of damages. Our staff cares about you and will work hard on your behalf.