OK guys today we are going to go through some good rules of how to give a good deposition testimony.To start off the first thing you want to do is go over your facts before it is your turn to take the stand.Sure this may not be something you want to do because it takes time you may not have but this can make your day more then you would think.Another basic thing that you can do is talking in a clear an properly volume voice so when you are answering questions you can say what you need with no one wondering can I even hear or understand this guy?

A basic rule you will need to follow is telling the truth.Remember there are laws that can get you in jail if you lie so keep that in mind my friend.One thing that you can do to help you out is to keep your answer short an to the point.Yes sometimes you will need to get in depth to fully explain the situation but most of the time you need to be quick an truthful with your answer.So keep this mind my friends when you take the stand.

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