Houston Attorney Handling Rollovers Accidents

Rollover Accidents Lawyer Houston

Most rollover accidents are fairly rare, as newer vehicles have been engineered to be much more stable than previously. Nevertheless, rollovers do occur, and are often caused by the following factors through Rollover Accidents Lawyer Houston:

  • Defective tires
  • High center of gravity vehicles
  • Wheel base design

Although a few rollovers are caused by driver error, such as failing to control a skid and jerking the steering wheel suddenly, most are due to the above factors. SUVs, trucks and vans, especially older models, have a higher center of gravity and a wheel base design that was meant for lighter cars. Both of these factors can lead to a vehicle easily rolling over if a sudden turn is made, or sudden braking. A defective tire can cause a sudden blow-out, causing a driver to lose control and flip the car.

When a vehicle rolls over in an accident, there will normally be some type of crush damage to the roof and sides, even though most newer model vehicles are engineered to withstand such an impact. Any rollover can cause serious injuries, as a person’s body is thrown about and anyone landing on the roof can result in serious neck and head injuries, in addition to spinal cord injuries. Anyone faced with this type of an accident where serious injuries have occurred should contact an experienced personal injury attorney from the Malaise Law Firm who can help with determining the best legal strategy to pursue your claim.

Determining Negligence in Rollover Accidents

Because defective products or manufacture may be the cause for your rollover accident, you will need a knowledgeable and skilled personal injury lawyer to investigate your accident. These types of claims may require experts to determine exactly what may have failed in the way your vehicle responded. Testing of tires may be necessary, in case that was an issue. The Malaise Law Firm has the resources and expertise to present a strong case on your behalf with the necessary documentation to substantiate your losses. With the types of injuries that can be suffered in a rollover accident, it is important to pursue recovery for all medical costs, lost wages, property damage, rental vehicle costs, in addition to the pain and suffering you have been exposed to. Our legal team will work closely with you and keep you apprised throughout the handling of your claim.