James Publishing making Affordable Law Books Available

James Publishing is a company that provide legal material such as law books at a very reasonable price. The books offered through their website contains not just answers to any law questions that you may have, but also real life client letters, motions and pleadings.

James Publishing has been around since 1981. Making available to the average Joe, helpful law materials. It’s dedication to making sure that the latest laws, arguments, and model questions are at your fingertips.
Some of the topics of the books James Publishing offers are Criminal Law, Employment Law, Estates and Trusts, Social Security and much more.

Some of the titles under Family Law is Introduction to Collaborative Divorce, Frumkes on Divorce Taxation, and Florida Family Law Trial Notebook. Under Business Law there is Bankruptcy Courts & Procedures, and The Limited Liability Company.

James Publishing.com even has the option for the customer to choose the jurisdiction. Whether it be Federal, California, New York, Illinois, Florida, or Texas. Different states have different laws and how they go about them, James Publishing.com can help the find the perfect piece of law literature. Also when ordering if there are any questions that need to be asked a live customer service agent is available to answer them.

James Publishing donates a portion of its money to their foundation, called James Publishing’s Kids. This foundation has helped orphans in Kabul, drilled water wells in Indonesia and have performed many other volunteer activities throughout the world.

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