Key Characteristics of a Competent Mental Damage Case

Clients who are considering pursuing a mental health damage case against a company or entity may ponder the standard that attorneys use when deciding whether or not a case is legitimate enough to be taken. During their consideration of each individual mental or emotional injury claim, an attorney must ask several questions before deciding the case is competent enough to go to trial. The most fundamental question about a case that the attorney can ask is whether the company or entity being sued is unmistakably responsible for the incident that caused the damage to the client. If there is any ambiguity regarding the cause of the damage, the case is not strong enough. The type of accident that caused the damage is also important. The attorney also needs to know the extent of the damage inflicted upon the client. It is important that the damage is significant and it strengthens the case if the client also has a physical injury resulting from the accident. The attorney must be certain that he or she can prove that the incident occurred in the manner the client says it did. The attorney must also ensure the credibility and character of the client. Mental stability prior to the incident in question must be documented and obvious.

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