Medical Examination In A Personal Injury Case

The physical examination you get will depend on your personal injury claim. Many parts of the physical exam will be familiar, such as checking your blood pressure and reflexes as well as listening to your lungs and heart. There are many other procedures that are a standard part of defense examinations. For example, the doctor or nurse may ask you to walk to the end of the hallway. Your doctor or nurse may also ask you to remove clothing and observe if you have any difficulty. Additionally, your doctor or nurse may visually examine your entire body.

Your chiropractor may order x-rays and other tests. However, you may not have to come back for additional tests unless your personal injury lawyer tells you to. If your doctor asks you to come back, then you will need to tell him or her that your attorney said you were only to see the doctor on that particular day.

The defense doctor does not need to look at your insurance card. You also do not have to sign a waiver of liability for the exams or tests. Tell the doctor that your attorney asked you not to sign any consent forms or waivers.

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