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Liability in Trucking Accidents

Truck accidents can cause devastating and catastrophic injuries due to their size and weight as compared to a normal automobile. Frequently, these types of accidents may involve several vehicles and complex liability issues, necessitating the need for a complete and meticulous investigation to determine the negligent party. A skilled truck accident attorney has the expertise you will need in order to pursue a claim against a trucking company. Trucking companies have their own insurance adjusters who handle their claims and are some of the most experienced claims handlers in the industry. You will need someone effective and experienced from the Malaise Law Firm working on your side to ensure that you obtain all the compensation you are entitled to following your accident.

As trucks can have a variety of coverage for the vehicle due to different owners of the tractor, trailer and the cargo, determining liability is vital to who the claim will be presented to. There can be several factors that led to the accident, which could involve not only the driver’s negligence, but possibly that of the person who loaded the cargo, if it somehow led to the accident. Our legal team will look to every possible resource to maximize your potential recovery for your losses.

Truck Accident Lawyer in Houston

Truck accidents cause severe injuries such as fractures, brain injuries, spinal injuries and even death. These types of injuries can require long term medical care and may result in disability or long recoveries before you are once again able to return to work. When preparing a case against a trucking company, our experienced legal team will take all potential claims into consideration, ensuring you are compensated for not only current medical bills, but any future care you may need, as well as property damage, rental car costs and pain and suffering. The Malaise Law Firm understands the difficulties you are likely going through following your accident and will work hard to get you the compensation you deserve. Time is important in investigating and pursuing a truck accident claim; don’t delay in contacting our office for your free initial consultation.