Workplace Accident Lawyer in Houston

What to do When Injured at Work

Workplace accidents happen every day in the Houston area, whether at an office location or in a factory. Regardless of your work environment, if you were in an accident during the course of your employment, you may be entitled to Workers’ compensation benefits. There can also be negligence issues on the part of third parties that may have led to your accident, such as defective machinery or poorly maintained premises by a landlord.

Anyone injured in the workplace must report the injury immediately to an employer. The employer in turn is obligated to file a written claim form for their workers’ compensation insurance company. You must be allowed to see a doctor of your choice from an approved list if you sustained an injury.

Because there are many complex and legal issues to determine when injured in a workplace accident, it is best to have your own personal injury attorney representing you for your claim. Even though your employer will have a workers’ comp adjuster handling your claim, remember, they do not represent your interests, rather those of your employer. Rather than seek the best medical treatment for you and ensure you are off work enough to fully recover, they may likely be pushing for you to complete your treatment and return to work as soon as possible. When you have your own personal injury lawyer handling your claim, you can rest assured that every possible benefit you are entitled to will be pursued by your legal counsel.

Injuries From Workplace Accidents

Most any kind of injury can occur in the workplace, from fractures to back injuries. When injured at work, it is important to get the treatment you need in order to fully recover from you injuries and be able to return to work. Sometimes this treatment can be lengthy, especially with a serious injury. The Malaise Law Firm will do what is necessary to ensure you receive all the benefits you deserve, including income and medical benefits, and even compensation from any third party who may have contributed to the accident. Our legal staff takes pride in offering personalized attention to all of our clients in Houston, and will work hard to get you the compensation you deserve.