Wrongful Death Lawyer Serving Houston

Dealing With Wrongful Death

Losing someone in an accident is a traumatic experience, especially when it is caused by the negligent or harmful actions of another. When you have suffered this devastating loss, you should be aware that you may be able to pursue a wrongful death claim against the negligent party. Only immediate family members may file for a wrongful death claim, such as parents, husbands, wives, or children of the deceased. Although this will in no way make up for the loss of your loved one, it can help with the financial impact the loss will cause to you and your family. To find out more about your legal options, contact a wrongful death attorney from the Malaise Law Firm in Houston to help you during this difficult time.

Texas law allows for the protection of victims who have lost their loved ones due to the actions of another. When anyone causes the death of another due to negligence, such as in a car accident where someone ran a red light, for example, the deceased cannot pursue any claim, but their family becomes entitled to compensation for their loss by the process of a wrongful death claim.

Handling Your Wrongful Death Claim

Whether your loved one was killed because of a car accident, truck accident, work accident or any other type of accident, ensuring that the negligent party is held accountable for their actions is crucial. Because the attorneys at the Malaise Law Firm care about you and your family during this difficult time, we will work closely with you to obtain all of the facts of the accident and document all medical costs, funeral expenses, lost earnings and any other compensation your family deserves for the loss of your loved one. Whether we negotiate a settlement directly, or at trial if necessary, our legal staff will diligently seek the maximum compensation possible for you and your family.